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For stove, oven and range repairs in Seattle we are available and guarantee a speedy response to all queries. Together, our team of technicians and specialists hold a top-class set of qualifications and represent many decades experience repairing, fixing, replacing, and installing home appliances of all kinds, including stoves and ovens. We are licensed and insured and guarantee customer satisfaction for all the work we do.

We have experience working with dishwashers of all brands, types, sizes, ages, and price-ranges, including Viking, Samsung, LG, GE, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, KitchenAid, Kenmore, Maytag, Wolf, and more. We are equally comfortable with gas and electric, as well as induction appliances.

We have encountered and handled all of the following problems:

– Range not heating up
– Ovens not heating up at all, or insufficiently
– Food cooking unevenly in the oven
– Only some of the range units heating up
– Smell of gas

We work with a network of affordable and speedy suppliers to source parts in the case of more complicated problems requiring replacements. Should a repairman’s visit come with the conclusion that repair work, replacement parts, and more complicated procedures be necessary, we know that stress and frustration can be a natural response. We strive to handle each case with promptness to remove the pressure that comes along with malfunctioning appliances and their disruption to the rhythm of your home and everyday life.

Wherever you are in Seattle, we look forward to serving your family with our experience, expertise, and dedication to thorough and friendly customer service. A malfunctioning stove and oven can be a big nuisance – and can throw your family’s meals off! We want to change that. Call us at Seattle Appliance Repair Pros – we’ll have your stove and oven broiling, boiling, steaming, and cooking again in no time.

Need Someone To Fix Your Stove, Oven Cooktop, or Range?

What to cook tonight, what to cook tonight?

You’re standing in the produce section of the grocery store thinking about what to make for dinner. There’s no particular reason, but you want to make a nice meal for your family tonight. Maybe a big pot of pasta with a great vegetable-infused sauce. Or you could get some lamb and give everyone a special treat!

You make your selections and head home. Your partner isn’t back with the kids yet – it’s the perfect time to get all the ingredients divided, chopped, prepared, and ready to go. You turn on the oven to preheat, take a short break to let the marinade soak into the lamb, and then return to the kitchen. Time to go: you turn on the stove.

Ten minutes have passed when you notice that it’s not just that the water isn’t heating up, the stove itself isn’t heating up. Huh? You press your finger on the surface: no heat is coming out.

You try everything, to no avail. It’s strange – the oven is working, but the stovetop isn’t giving any heat.
In the end, you give in and roast the lamb. There’s no pasta to go along with it, though. And during dinner, you’re thinking about how you’ll make breakfast in the morning.

In a situation like this, it can be easy to let a few days pass while you drag your feet in getting the stove looked fixed. Repairs can be a more significant part of the ordeal than not being able to cook as you normally do!

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Here at Seattle Appliance Repair Pros, we have seen all these situations and many more. We are familiar with the common problems that occur with various brands. We perform reparations, quick fixes for simple problems busy families don’t have time to investigate and handle, replacements, installations, removals, and more. It is our goal to provide full-service attention to your stove and oven to get your kitchen in a smooth and convenient working condition as soon as possible.

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